Alfreton Schools Affect Property Prices

Many factors impact property values, and a lot of these factors have nothing to do with your home. Yes, the size and condition of your house affect property values, but equally, many external factors shape demand for homes, and what prospective buyers are willing to pay for a property.

Studies have drawn the link between Ofsted school ratings and good schools

One of the leading factors which influence property prices is schools. After a study was carried out by, a spokesperson for the company, said; “Buying a home near a good school is something parents start thinking about years before the time comes. But what they might not realise is how much this is going to cost them. We found that those looking to move near a school with an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rating could be paying almost £40,000 more than those rated ‘Good’, on average.”

It stands to reason property buyers are willing to pay more to buy a house which grants their child or children access to a good school. Most parents are keen to provide their child with the best start in life, and a more significant investment in property can pay off in the long term.

Alfreton offers a consistently good range of schools

One of the pleasing aspects of the range of primary schools in Alfreton is the consistency in standards. The following schools have all been classed as “Good” by Ofsted:

  • Alfreton Park Community Special School
  • Blackwell Community Primary and Nursery School
  • Glebe Junior School
  • Leys Junior School
  • Morton Primary School
  • Newton Primary School
  • Riddings Junior School
  • Shirland Primary School
  • South Wingfield Primary School
  • Stonebroom Primary and Nursery School
  • Stretton Handley Church of England Primary School
  • Swanwick Primary School
  • Town End Junior School
  • Wessington Primary School
  • Woodbridge Junior School

Therefore, if you are a parent looking for an area where you know your child or children will receive a reliable standard of education, Alfreton is an excellent location to consider. When it comes to secondary schools, Tibshelf Community School holds a “Good” rating from Ofsted. Therefore, no matter the age of child in your family, or how long-term you plan, you should find it is possible to give your kids a great start in life.

If you plan on selling your home in Alfreton, it makes sense to arrange for a property valuation. When you have a realistic idea of what your property will sell for, you can start to make more concise plans regarding your home. At Koopers, we are pleased to arrange a property valuation for you, and we can take you from start to finish when it comes to selling your home.

If you are keen to sell your house in 2020, you’ll find we are perfectly placed to ensure you receive the support you need. Koopers are local property market specialists in Alfreton, so contact us today to reach out to local buyers.