Boosting Tenant Interest In Your Property

Boosting Tenant Interest In Your Property


Landlords know the dangers posed by an empty rental property. When you don’t have a tenant in place, you don’t make money, and this is a prime concern for landlords. If the monthly mortgage payments you receive from tenants ensure you pay your buy to let mortgage each month, you must provide your rental property is attractive to tenants.

By boosting tenant interest in your property, you receive several benefits. Not only do you increase the chances of tenants wanting to move into your property, but the increased level of competition can also justify a higher rental fee. Therefore, you reduce the likelihood of void periods while raising the money you generate.

How do you boost tenant interest in your property?

Knowing that it is vital to boost tenant interest is one thing: achieving this outcome is another matter entirely. However, at Koopers, we have helped many landlords let their rental property, and the following tips are likely to be of benefit.

Take better photographs of the rental property

When you are competing against many homes in rental property listings, you need to stand out. The most effective way to stand out from the crowd is with great images. Even though your smartphone camera is likely to be of a good standard, excellent rental property images are about more than the equipment you use.

You should stage the rental property to showcase it in the best light. Hiring a professional photographer is a smart idea, as they are experienced in staging rooms and houses. A well-lit and positioned room will stand out in a property listing, helping you to generate interest.

Allow natural light into rooms

Natural light isn’t just crucial for photographs; it is critical when tenants come to view the property. Natural light isn’t one of the most commonly cited issues prospective tenants look for, but it matters. A naturally lit room is welcoming and makes people feel at home.

Make sure you allow as much natural light to flood into rooms as you can, so pull back curtains and make sure nothing blocks its movement.

Aim for your ideal or most likely tenant

You likely have an ideal tenant in mind when letting your home, so reach out to these tenants. Stage your home in a manner that appeals to them, or which is likely to grab their attention. The right furniture or artwork can make a home suitable to some tenants, and this helps you let your property to the people you want to reach.

Advertise with the ideal tenant in mind

If you want to reach the right tenant, effectively advertise to them. The price you set, the wording you use and even where you place your advert will help you connect with prospective tenants.

If you are unsure of who you wish to reach, or where to find them, work closely with your letting agent.

If you’re a landlord looking to improve tenant interest in your rental property, you need help from local experts. At Koopers, we are pleased to help local landlords, so get in touch and reap the benefits of a focused strategy.