How To Decorate Rental Property Without Losing Your Deposit

There are many important things for tenants, but getting your security deposit back is crucial. Whatever you look to do after you leave rental accommodation, you want to have as much money at your disposal as possible. Therefore, tenants focus on maintaining the condition of their rental property. This focus helps in reclaiming their money, but it can make for a dull home-life in your rental accommodation.

However, there are ways you can transform a rental property without risking the security deposit. At Koopers, we are pleased to say we have seen many tenants freshen up rental accommodation without damaging the property, or placing their security deposit at risk. Here are some tips to consider on how to decorate rental property without losing your deposit.

Ask your landlord what you can do

Many of the problems between landlords and tenants arise due to a lack of communication. You may be surprised to learn what your landlord is happy for tenants to do with their rental accommodation. If you’re a tenant with ideas on how to brighten the accommodation, speak to your landlord and see if they are happy for you to proceed with some cosmetic changes.

Choose removable options

As you don’t own the rental property, it is best to avoid permanent changes. This may limit what you can do, but there are removable options that allow you to freshen a room. Removable stickers, decals and wallpapers can revitalise a space with no lasting damage or marks. There is also a growing array of options that allow picture frames and shelves to be fastened securely to a wall, without leaving a mark.

Lean into a great style

You don’t even need to connect many items to the wall to create a new look around the home. There are items you can prop against walls, tables and desks that create a fresh style in your rental accommodation, without changing the primary appearance.

Add accessories

If you are looking to stamp your style on a home, focus on accessories. Bedding, pillows and rugs all provide you with the chance to revitalise a room and add more of your favourite colours to the environment.

No matter the room you focus on, there are affordable options that leave you smiling, and more importantly, don’t leave the landlord feeling unhappy.

Light up a room

Sometimes, all you need to do to change a room is alter the lighting set-up. You can completely change the atmosphere of a room by adding in cosier lights or adding a soft lampshade to better colour your surroundings.

If you like the area you live in, and the home meets your needs, don’t be in a rush to leave the rental accommodation. If you feel a bit bored with the look of the property, there are ways you can fall in love with the property all over again, and without placing your deposit at risk.

If you’re a tenant looking for ideas on how to love your rental property, please contact Koopers, and we’ll be more than happy to help.