Importance Of Great Images When Selling Your House

importance of great images when selling your house

No matter how appealing or accurately priced your house is, you need to grab attention. Buyers have a lot of homes to choose from, and many prospective buyers scroll through property listings. You need to have a listing that makes people stop scrolling and pay attention to what your house has to offer.

The most effective way to stop people scrolling is to provide them with great images. When you're selling your house, the importance of high-quality images cannot be overstated. Users expect and demand photographs on an online property portal. There is a need for vendors to consider quantity and quality of images, and compromising on either of these aspects leaves your listing at a disadvantage compared to other properties.

Don’t settle for smartphone images of your home

It is easy to see why many vendors and agents think that smartphone camera images are suitable when creating a property listing. Modern smartphone often provides a highly professional camera, allowing anyone to capture usable pictures. However, the standard of photographs isn't just about the quality of equipment, there is an art to taking striking images, and this is where many vendors and agents fall.

If you don't have much time, you may think smartphone images are ideal, because these images can be snapped and shared instantly. Time is often of the essence in the online property market, but sometimes spending some time and money brings about more exceptional results.

Hiring a professional photographer incurs a cost, but the justification for this expenditure comes with the results. A professional photographer takes the time to stage images, so they grab the most attention.

Take advantage of lighting and highlight key features

If you are unsure of how to position features and furniture to make the most of the light or to highlight key elements that buyers want to see, you are not promoting your house in the right way. An experienced professional photographer takes excellent quality images for a living, and their expertise will ensure your pictures connect with buyers.

If you have searched for property, think about your reaction when scrolling through listings. Clear, defined and intriguing images are the photographs that make people pay attention. A vendor can play their part in the process by decluttering and cleaning their home to a high standard. Creating space and a blank canvas provides photographers with the best platform to take images that showcase your home in the best light.

You'll also find that professional photographers will review the images and enhance them within reason. Your images have to be realistic, but they can be tweaked to create the best visual impression in your home. This process may take an additional day or two, but given the importance of impact professional photographs have, it is a delay that most vendors can justify.

At Koopers, we know what buyers want to see, and you cannot dismiss the importance of staged and professionally shot images. If you need to grab buyers' attention and showcase your home to the highest standard, contact us, and we will effectively list your home.