Many vendors are conflicted when it comes to decorating their home during the sales process. You should retain a neutral look, as this will help you to appeal to as many buyers as possible. It is best to curb your natural enthusiasm and flair when decorating your house for a sale, and of course, you should consider the needs and interests of the buyer.

However, in a crowded marketplace, there is an argument for adhering to the latest interior design trends to make your house stand out for all the right reasons. When it comes to meeting kerb appeal, there is something to be said for adding a seasonal touch, as this often provides colour and indicates a sense of vitality at home.

When selling your home, you shouldn’t religiously follow the latest interior design spring trends, but adding an element or two can help you sell your house.

Natural textures are favourite in spring 2019

Thankfully, some spring trends tie in with creating a neutral style around the home, with natural surfaces being a standard feature. There is a growing awareness of the need for sustainability, and you can reflect this in your house.

Natural elements connect with the environment, and they can often help people to feel less stressed. Therefore, adding features made from ethical cotton, jute, seagrass and bamboo adds style to a home while appealing to what buyers want when looking to fall in love with a house.

Scandinavian style is on point this spring

No matter the year, it seems as though there is always a Scandinavian influence on interior design trends. The presence of IKEA in the United Kingdom may have influenced this, and hygge was prominent too. However, in spring 2019, simple Scandinavian styles are affecting homeowners across the country.

The use of clean and simple lines, aligned to geometric shapes, creates a straightforward environment that isn’t going to put anyone off the house.

There is an opportunity to mix and match styles this spring

While most vendors will keep their walls clean and straightforward, there is an opportunity to impress with accessories. Opting for a mix and match style is popular this season, and the right blend of colours, fabrics and techniques will help you to create a home that sticks in mind for the right reasons.

Investing in plain furniture makes sense to appeal to as many buyers as possible, but blank furniture also provides you with the opportunity to express yourself a bit more with throws, cushions, pillows and rugs. A patterned cushion over a plain couch or chair creates a fantastic style and one that pleases the vendor while appealing to buyers.

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