Staging Your Living Room To Sell Your Home

Staging your living room to sell your home


Staging your home is essential if you wish to sell your property. When you stage a property, you aim to connect with the most likely buyer, creating a home they can imagine themselves living in. There is a lot of information on how to stage a home, but most online information focuses on the kitchen or the exterior of your property.

These are essential areas in staging your home, but every room is crucial. If you have a lot of great rooms and one low-quality room, it is likely the low-quality room that prospective buyers remember. Therefore, you need to focus on all rooms, and the living rooms have a significant role to play in connecting with buyers.

Tips on staging your living room to sell your home

There are many different ways you can positively influence buyers looking around your living room, and we are here to help.

Your suite sets the tone in the room

An old or out-of-date sofa makes prospective buyers think this is an old or outdated home. While there are some home improvements which are better left to the buyer, when selling your home, you want to have a stylish couch or sofa in place.

Investing in a modern sofa before you place your home on the market can help you connect with more buyers.

Your carpet plays a crucial role in connecting with buyers

When someone comes into a room, they likely scan the room from bottom to top. Therefore, they will see your flooring first, and if you have a carpet, it needs to be in excellent condition. You should look to offer a clean carpet with a contemporary style.

Similar to the couch, an outdated carpet sets the wrong tone for buyers, and they will likely consider other homes which feel more modern and up to date. A neutral and simple carpet that is clean will have a better impact than intricate and older carpets, so this is an investment to consider when selling your home.

Walls should be neutral

While you want your home to stand out, the property cannot stand out for all the wrong reasons. You want to ensure your house appeals to buyers, and neutral colour schemes in a modern style will likely have a positive impact on buyers.

Lighting sets the tone for your room

You want to create a comfortable and cosy atmosphere at home, and light makes an impact. Table lamps and downlighters help to create a welcoming atmosphere which makes people want to return home and enjoy.

Overhead lights are practical at times, but for the viewing process, leave them off and allow people to feel at home.

If you want to sell your home, staging with a buyer in mind is essential. All the rooms in your home have a role to play in the sales process, and the living room is no exception. If you’re keen to sell your home, contact Koopers, and we’ll be happy to help.