Tenants – Tips To Safeguard Your Deposit

Tenants – Tips To Safeguard Your Deposit

As a tenant, you will want to keep the rental accommodation in good condition for many reasons. You want to live in a beautiful house, and when everything is in order, life is a lot more manageable. If you welcome people to your home, perhaps your parents or a potential new partner, you want to make the best impression, and a tidy and orderly home helps. However, the most important reason you need to keep your rental accommodation in good condition is that it helps you reclaim your full deposit.

If the rental property has been damaged or not well maintained, it is likely the landlord will withhold some or even all of the deposit. No matter what the tenant wants to do next, it is helpful to have as much money as possible. However, depending on your next move, be it rental or purchase, this money might be essential.

Therefore, tenants should always consider the importance of maintaining their property, and here are some tips to safeguard your deposit.

Always work from the inventory list

One of the most important documents a tenant has is the inventory list. Ideally, the inventory list will state the condition of every feature in the property. Savvy tenants will take photographs of the rental property at the time they move in, as this provides a reference in maintaining a standard.

You should look to preserve and maintain, as best you can, the standards cited in the inventory list. Some natural wear and tear is to be expected and allowed, but if you cannot return the rental property to the standard detailed in the inventory list, you will struggle to receive the full deposit.

Clean as you go

It may be tempting to undertake a major cleaning project before a landlord visit or the end of tenancy, but this creates problems, and it will be more expensive. You may still want to carry out an end of tenancy cleaning to enhance your chances of receiving the full deposit, but you’ll find the property easier to maintain if you clean on a daily or weekly basis.

If you have several people living in the house, create a rota. Some households will create an inventory based on everyone taking turns, or it may draw on people’s skills and preferences. No matter what approach you take to cleaning your property, make sure it is a priority.

When the house is clean, it is easier to maintain this condition, and you’ll be less likely to let it slide into a poor state. However, when a house falls into a poor state, many people don’t see the point in cleaning or maintaining it, and this makes it far more likely further problems will arise at home.

Follow these quick tips to maintain the property’s condition:

  • Use appliances in a correct manner, following the manual or guidelines
  • Dispose of trash as and when it arises
  • If you have guests over, ensure they do not damage or deface the property
  • Use each room for its intended purpose
  • If problems occur, inform the landlord as quickly as possible

If you are a tenant looking to enjoy your rental accommodation while working towards maintaining your deposit, please contact Koopers. We are always keen to help diligent tenants find their ideal rental property, and we look forward to hearing from you.