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When you are selling your house, you need to know what buyers want to see. Too many vendors focus on their expectations for property, but this can harm your chances of appealing to buyers. Vileda undertook one of the most innovative studies into what buyers look for in a house.

The company, associated with cleaning products, gave eye-tracking goggles to prospective house buyers. When the buyers moved around the house, what they looked at was recorded. The findings showed that 95% of prospective buyers initially made their way to the window in a room.

Windows are hugely important to buyers

Therefore, you want to ensure that your windows are in excellent condition. A lot of people gravitate towards the window to see the view, but the status of the windows influences the quality and state of a room and home.

When windows are in excellent condition, they retain heat, making the home feel warmer and more comfortable. When heat energy is conserved, homeowners can save money on their energy bills, and the house will be more energy efficient. This outcome s an outcome that virtually everyone wants to experience at home, so when your windows are in excellent condition, you have a platform for attracting buyers.

Before placing your house on to the market, review your windows and frames. If there are cracks or gaps in the frames, carry out replacement work.

Offer as much storage space as you can

Another highlighted issue was the importance of storage space. This finding isn’t a new finding, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to any vendor, but buyers want to see storage space, and they will examine storage space.

Therefore, don’t throw household items into cupboards to create more space around the house. Prospective buyers will open these doors, and if space is crammed with belongings, they will form a dim opinion on the house.

All vendors should clean and declutter their house as best they can before they welcome guests to their home. Also, if you have to invest in additional storage solutions or off-site storage, do so, because it is an investment that provides a return. The more storage space that is free and available in your house, the more likely it is that buyers will form a favourable opinion of the property.

Distinctive features do grab attention

If you are fortunate enough to have a distinguishing feature, such as an original fireplace or a period piece, make sure it looks at its best, and that attention is placed on it. These features help a home stand out from the crowd, assisting a prospective buyer in recalling your home more readily.

Given that many buyers will visit many homes, an original or distinctive feature helps your home to become more memorable.

If you are keen to appeal to buyers and want to increase the chances of selling your home, contact Koopers estate agents. We are pleased to say we have helped many vendors effectively sell their home, and we look forward to assisting you soon.