What To Do When Your House Doesn’t Attract Buyers

There are many different points of the sales process where things can go wrong, preventing the deal from concluding in the manner you like. There is a lot said about the viewing process and how vendors can welcome guests in the right way. However, if you don’t get to the viewing stage, you have other problems to contend with.

If your house doesn’t attract buyers, you won’t be able to sell your home. Therefore, you need to review your processes, and for many vendors, the problem lies with the property listing. If your listing doesn’t appeal to prospective buyers, you aren’t going to entice people to check out your listing or get in touch to arrange a viewing.

Are you using high-quality images of your home?

The standard of images you use in your property listing is critical. Most vendors and agents know that it is vital to use pictures. Therefore, the bar has been raised as to what grabs attention. Every listing is likely to have an image or two, so you need to ensure you have high-quality photos that grab attention and make people want to see more.

To achieve this, hire a professional photographer. Yes, your smartphone allows you to take great images, but quality images aren’t just about the equipment. A professional photographer knows how to stage pictures, they utilise light, to remove distractions, and they create an image that grabs attention.

These are the images you need to have on your property listing because if you don’t, you won’t attract buyers to your listings.

Does your listing copy attract buyers?

Images draw people to your listings, but from here, you need to provide reasons for buyers to follow up their initial interest. You want to sell the best features of a home while making the property seem like the ideal place for the buyer to live.

Knowing who the most likely buyer of your home is makes a difference because this provides you with direction for the property listing. Each type of buyer has elements that matter most, and these are the features you need to promote at home.

Also, Rightmove have offered a keyword search term on site for more than a year, and this is likely to become an increasingly common feature in property searches. You need to ensure your property is presented to the people who want a home like yours, and your copy has a part to play in this aspect.

Help buyers make an informed decision

Buying a home is a massive step in life. Buyers want to make an informed decision, and you can help them. Provide information about your home, what facilities are close by, what schools and transport options are nearby, and what your local has to offer.

As a homeowner in the area, you are ideally placed to offer insight into your area, which buyers are keen to learn about.

Quick tips to consider include:

  • Offer a floorplan that details the size of the home
  • Value your home and place an accurate price on the property
  • Offer professional quality photographs of each room
  • Be polite and pleasant in all dealings with prospective buyers
If you are struggling to attract buyers to your home, it is advisable to start the process again, and with a more explicit focus. Following these tips will help you present your home in the best manner. If you require assistance in selling your home, contact Koopers, and we’ll be more than happy to help.